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Design for the future, design sustainably. The popularity of green designs is growing with the awareness of climate change. The buildings and interiors are going green; people are ready to save the world. Sustainable living is being made possible with eco-friendly interior planning. It contributes to your health and provides a peaceful surrounding in a place where you spend most of your quality time. It helps in purifying the air around us and is a small but vital step toward conserving energy and other resources. Let’s read till the end to know more about the steps to make your space green.



The idea is to bring nature’s greenery to your space. Cover up the walls with ferns or hanging plants, bring indoor plants to the room and add some more plants on the terrace or balcony. They are more than just aesthetics; they are the hope for a good future.

 One can also opt for green roofing. The roof, balcony or facade area can be partially covered up by vegetation such as lawns and plants. Green roofing is being counted as the latest trend as it is not just only visually appealing but is also an effective method to help mother Earth.


One can install a solar panel and rainwater harvesting techniques on our roof to support sustainability. This will decrease our reliance on non-renewable resources for electricity and water.


Use second-hand furniture and decor to give a rustic essence to your home. It goes well with the neutral backdrop of your room and is the best way to use items that would have ended up in the waste. Reusing and recycling is the best way to save the world from accumulating waste.


Wood sourced from old structures such as buildings, offices or ships could be reformed into new items. This might save you some extra money; moreover, Mother Nature will always be grateful to us.



Green designs try to minimize our dependency on artificial source of light energy. It opens up creative ways to let sunlight in through windows and skylights. Natural light has shown benefits like improvement in mood and well-being.

So, call us or drop us a line to experience the magic of masterpiece creation. Panache The Studio provides services for Residential, official and commercial interior designs in Ghaziabad, Noida, Delhi, Delhi NCR, Gurgaon. We create exceptional and elegant designs that suit your lifestyle and your budget too.

There are many ways to incorporate green design with Panache Studio into every space. With little awareness and efforts, we can get one step closer to save our only home – our mother Earth.