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Data provided to us during registration, consultation, buying and feedback process will be kept safe under privacy policy. Always provide accurate and complete information regarding the project and yourself, violation of the same can result in the termination of the project. Panache has full rights to suspend or discontinue the project and refuses to provide any compensation under such circumstances.

Fees & Payments

 In the case of cancellation of the project by you after making payment of the booking amount, Panache is willing to offer a 50% refund of your paid amount. No refunds will be granted once we reach the execution phase (with the completion of the design phase) of the project.

1) The Fee quoted during the initial step of the project is merely an estimate and may slightly vary in final calculations. Prices of the vendor are subject to change and Panache shall not be responsible for any changes in the prices of the commodities from the third party. 

 2) Taxes shall be chargeable extra as per the provision of GST (Goods and Services Tax).

 3) Payments should be made either offline or online mode. 

  • Online payments-Panache accepts payments via bank transfer and other online payment modes through secure payment gateways. 
  • Offline payment- cheques or drafts must be issued in the favor of_____________.


Panache provides a warranty against any manufacturing and quality defects for five years, from the date of the completion of the project. It does not cover the following:

1) Natural wear and tear.

2) Damage caused by the misuse of the items.

3) The destruction caused due to chemical solvents or harsh cleaning agents.

4) Damage such as dents and scratches due to mishandling of the items.

6) Fading of the whitewash and damage of P.O.P work due to the moisture content in the wall.

Note: All the loss arising on account of mishandling the products will not be included in the warranty. It’s a good practice to follow the care instructions of the item. 


Panache reserves the right to issue a legal notice or file a case against any fraudulent activities and to terminate the project. The project can be terminated without any prior information on such instances.

General Points

1) Panache will not be responsible for any delays caused by the unavailability of the site or due to some of the external factors not being in our control.

2) Any extra charges in delivery and maintenance shall be covered by you during the time of the final payments.

3) Panache shall not be responsible for any damage that occurs due to mishandling of the stuff from your side.

4) Panache does not hold the accountability of quality and defects after the warranty period has expired.

5) Warranty will not include natural wear and tear, slight variations in colours or material.

6) Panache holds the right to change or modify its services without any prior notice. Panache will inform you on the same once the modification has come into existence. 

7) You shall be expected to keep your data up-to-date and Panache will not be able to cover any losses occurred due to mismatch of the data.

8) Scope of our services shall be settled and cleared in the contractual agreement.