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Furniture Restoration

The standard lifespan of a piece of wood furniture is eight to twelve years. If your furniture is that old, maybe it needs restoration. Furniture restoration provides your furniture with a new look, along with improving its durability and quality. You can repair your furniture yourself as well, but if you want to refine your furniture the best way possible, prefer professional furniture restoration services” 

Does not want the designing process to start from scratch? Don’t worry, we have got your back. When talking about restoration, most of the time, people often perceive restoration with repairing. However, there is a huge difference between these two terms. Furniture restoration is generally restoring the work of furniture to make it look like a new piece. Or, it even means preserving the work of furniture so that it does not deteriorate any further. Hire high end designers with the best price for top modern designs. Just like designing, the renovation initializes with proper planning. Remodeling can be a good idea and it also saves some money. It begins with assessing your need and ends with providing you with the space that’s much better in all the aspects. Renovation is a perfect idea, you might just need a slight touch of modernization or a few changes like color of the walls, remodeling your old furniture, to increase the space utilization etc. 

Panache is one of the top interior companies in Ghaziabad, Noida, Delhi and Lucknow that cover everything under one roof. We work on every project with uttermost care – be it designing from scratch or renovating your place. We keep the whole process within the planned budget, from painting a wall to knocking one down. The renovation process might be stressful, but with our help everything seems like a piece of cake. Furniture not only adds an extra star of enhancement to your overall interior, but they can turn out to be a great investment as well. 

We have the best designers who get the job done in the most hassle-free manner. They pay special attention to your requirements and come up with plans that suit your taste. They work their tails off to give you a lifetime experience. Our work includes precision with assurance of quality and long lasting outcome.

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