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Vastu Shastra is the science of designing buildings in accordance with the law of nature. Vastu follows five elements for beneficial energy to enhance your environment. Vastu has effects on us as well as on the environment too.

When elements are balanced in your environment, opportunities will come, and positivity will be shown. There are side effects too, if we are not aligned according to these forces are misfortune, illness and struggle.


Best position for a kitchen is in the SOUTH EAST direction, never locate your kitchen in the North or North east direction as it will affect the owner’s career.

Avoid blue colour in the kitchen. According to vastu, the colours should be yellow, rose, orange, red, beige and white etc. Kitchen and toilet must never share a common wall – as it has a very bad effect on the resident’s health.

Sink area should be in the North East direction whereas all electrical equipment like microwave, oven, and refrigerator should be in South, West, south east, directions. If we place the refrigerator in the south west direction, then it should be feet away from the corner. Slope of water flows from Southwest towards Northeast or East direction. Dishwasher in the North West direction.

Storage of food grains, utensils should be in the Southern and Western walls to avoid placing them in Northern and Eastern walls. Cylinder and geyser in South East direction whereas empty cylinder should be in South West direction

Daily waste from the kitchen should be left covered in the South West corner of the kitchen.

Panache the Studio gives extra focus on all aspects of vastu, as this creates positivity in space and also improves health, career, and mental peace of family members.

Panache helps their client to fill their home with happiness.