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Garden In Your Balcony

Who doesn’t want a garden at their home, where one can enjoy tea in the morning or have some me-time in serenity? We all dream of something like that, something we can call our own. With many of us living in apartments with less open spaces, the idea of the garden doesn’t seem to come true without burning a hole in our pocket.

Greenery has therapeutic elements for both physical and mental well-being. It not only beautifies your home but adds spiritedness to your home. A balcony garden is the best solution when looking forward to nurturing the plants in your apartment. All you need is a creative mind and some easy tips to help you out in the process of assembling your balcony garden. Buckle up your shoes and pack your gloves and some essential planting tools, come with us on this journey of creating a beautiful balcony garden.



Before we start, it’s important to have a rough idea of the way you want your balcony to look. Plan out on the types of plants and furniture you want to put up. Prepare a sketch of the space on the paper before you start assembling the decor and the plants to achieve the look you desire.


It’s vital to know the facing of your balcony, whether it’s sunny or shady to decide on the plants you should grow. Many plants grow well in the sun while some might love the shade. The best tip is to Research well before getting the plants.


The gardens can be designed aesthetically with beautiful pots. Large ceramic and wooden pots not only look attractive but offer good space to grow plants. You can get these from local shops at very affordable prices. (You can also go a bit creative and paint the planters in different pops of colours.


The vertical garden has an abundance of potential to save space and double up the green. Using pallet planters fixed to the wall, hanging light-weighted plants with chains to railings and side walls are some of the ways to utilize vertical spacing. You can also add small plants to the side of your windows and the shelf in your balcony. The thing you need to keep in mind while going with the vertical garden is not to splash the water onto the plants. You carefully have to spray a little amount of water to avoid the walls from getting all splashed on with mud and dirt.

Vertical with horizontal gardening opens a wide scope to be experimental and creative.


This is as optional as you want it to be. You can add a sitting arrangement and table of your liking and according to space in your balcony. You can also totally skip any heavy furniture instead place a beautiful rug topped with some cushions in a corner and enjoy the serenity of nature while sitting on it. The only challenge you might face with this is the cleaning of the furniture or rug.

Now that your garden has come into existence, it’s time to water it regularly and keep it in good shape with regular weeding and pruning.