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Sprinkler of Black On White

Black and white have been an inspiration for interior design for so long. The combination is powerful, bold and never goes out of trend. Monochrome can be chosen for walls, floorings, decor items or furniture. It can be black over white with dark interior over neutral walls or vice- versa. Monochrome can be the central theme or just a part of it, with black-white wall patterns or greyscale furniture. The simple woodwork combined with bold tones can make it stand out.

Black can be anything but dull; it has its own perk. Black can be mingled and mixed up with any other neutral colour. It is modern, sophisticated and adds a focal point to the whole setup. The theme goes well with sleek designs. Black accessories and furniture over a white backdrop offer a lot more depth to the whole space. White kind of balances out the ill-effect of black and sharpens the appearance of your room. It can get as dramatic as you want and still look elegant at the same time. It might look tricky at first but with some tips, you’ll be as comfortable as a pro.



Monochromatic patterns range from checker to stripes, polka dots to mendelian designs. No matter how small the palette is, you will never be short of patterns. These patterns can be used on walls, cushions, décor pieces, etc.


Black granite is a popular choice for flooring, black cabinets can give a sleek sophisticated appearance, and believe me No one can argue about the aesthetic appeal of black wood. One of the walls can also be painted black but it calls for minimalism as a central theme. Black is a statement in itself, all other parts should be subtle and should complement the dark. White (or any other contrasting shade) can be used to balance out the black and let it not suck out the light in your room.


The tip is not to overdo or overdose the darkness of black, Panache provides everything with a perfect balance of design and budget all around Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida and Delhi NCR, and Lucknow. Anything goes well with this bold color, just focus on balancing everything out. Too much of black can be a bit overwhelming and depressing, use lighter shades on the greyscale. Keep it simple and clutter-free. The only thing left to tell after this long session of blabbering is to just let your inner self guide you on this journey.